Man Flu

17 Jul

My man has the dreaded man flu, it’s caused such a stir that it’s even found it’s way to this blog. Like really!
Runny nose and the man has himself laid up in bed, expecting some TLC, but my TLC is running low. I’ve never had that Florence Nightingale streak in me, I remember looking on & calling my
cousin to come and help my sister while she puked, I thought she did it on purpose so I didn’t see why I had to involve myself especially where vomit was included.
So u can see how hard showing some TLC for a man flu would be for me- I have no respect for the man flu. I feel like I should be getting a PLATINUM medal, for making him tea, making sure he’s okay yet his eyes seem to say his Mama woulda done a better job.

Don’t get me wrong if he was really sick, I would be by his side and wouldn’t even be thinking like this. But man flu times like this, make me wonder that even in a relationship, the woman somehow becomes a pseudo Mum, through man flu’s to real illnesses. Wonder if we also have pseudo Dad situations? Mmmm

I whinge now but off I go to check on him…funny thing about love.


P.s I typed this on my phone so ‘scuse any mistake-a’s.



15 Jul

Happy Friday to you and yours ūüôā

This week has been a long one, cold one at that too.

Hoping for more sun, more happy moments and all of the good stuff next week and beyond… for now I’ma sip on my home made cocktail and read my book (feel so mature ūüôā )

Happy Friday.


Thursday Randoms

14 Jul

My thoughts are everywhere today…

  • If I hear another male trying to add his two cents into the whole¬†silly drama of Team Weave, Team Relaxed, Team Natural, Team Whatever… there will be a scene. It’s already a stupid argument¬†which girls stupidly get sucked into, and we do not need some male adding his two cents…#shut it and #GTFOH
  • Lil Wayne is a disgrace to his own people. I can’t believe such spewtum comes out of his mouth. I cannot listen to him anymore. He needs to stop with that red bone bull.
  • I do not feed into the whole dark skinned¬†thing and feeling bad about yourself coz you dark skinned. I think it’s just one more thing that adds to the mental slavery as Bob Marley put it… we need to emancipate ourselves. Kola Boof,¬†although her ramblings are crazy has some good points on this.
  • I wish I could whip up a mean meal…there’s a Martha Stewart in me somewhere…but at the moment she’s failing…makes me wish I had paid more attention when Momz tried to teach me when I was teen instead of being moody.
  • They say it’s not good to wish time away, but I wish it was 5pm already…
  • I love Sade…listening to her at work just puts me in a Zen phase…
  • Now playing¬† – Anita Baker “Sweet Love” … love that song.

I’ll stop here… cheerios peeps.



13 Jul

I had a break through of sorts today, just when I was starting to become discouraged yet again… A little angel who I call my friend, really went above and beyond…something that just gave me, that warm and fuzzy feeling ūüôā

Gotta love your friends (well true friends) God sent they are.

Hope a lil angel brought a smile your way today. (If not please YouTube some Scare Tactics, Chappelle or whatever brings the toothy grin out)


Wannabes and that awkward moment…

12 Jul


Thanks to Facebook and it’s wall to wall feature, lately ¬†appearing on my newsfeed is my two friends who are a couple pledging their love for each other, it’s the usual sickening ones where you just think to yourself ‘can you guys please carry this out privately or something’ , you know that kind of love.

Anyway today what caught my eye, was his use of the word “boo” … for some reason I just don’t like that word. It seems like it’s a word for movies and songs…even when my ex (A black¬†American) used to say it, it never settled well with me, just felt strange, but I liked him so I thought it was cute he said it, though I didn’t like it. But anyway ¬†back to said couple, with the guy’s¬†¬†use of the word “boo”…I don’t mean to pull out the race card or start some race drama, but it just sounds even more wrong when he says it, he’s white, she’s black.¬† I get it, that it maybe his pet name for her or whatever, but can a white person really get away with the word “boo” especially to a black girl? I wonder if she was white, would the word “boo’ even have crossed his mind to say. I note in all the exchanges I have seen, I have never seen her call him boo back…¬† If he had a mexican girlfriend would he call her Mama Cita or what have you??… I don’t know just seems wrong…

Well since I’m on this what can and can’t people say… Another thing that irks me, is when people especially one of the¬† girls I used to work with everytme¬†I said something with a bit of passion, there she was with her “Mmm¬†mmmh¬†You go sister! ” … now really, I am not an American, this kind of “you go sister” is not even in my culture, yes I’m black but still…is it necessary to do the head shake and add the ‘go sister’ part? If I did it, then maybe yes, you could follow suit but I don’t so please don’t put me in that box.

For some reason, black people no matter where from are in ;some sort of way; fetish-ised¬†into something one mere person cannot live up to 24-7, we are seen¬†as louder, more colourful, livelier, cooler…etc.¬† One of my uni friends slept with a black girl and the next day, he¬†was busy complaining to me how disappointed he was because the sex was just “normal” and I was like what did you expect, for her to be jumping on walls and shit coz she’s black?! I don’t know how they see us, but it’s like we are sex freaks, hipper than hip, spicier…it’s nice but I for one do get sick of the stereotypes, would be nice for people to just see you for who you are.

Though in saying all this, I have had my times when I have tried to be something I’m not and it didn’t go down the right way…

  • Cut my hair like Halle Berry thinking I would look ‘hawt’ like Halle…didn’t happen…the upkeep was terrible
  • Bought a¬† belt bikini inspired by yet again Halle¬†Berry in the Bond Movie… needless to say it didn’t match up, didn’t take in the size of my b-cup boobies into account and other things that I won’t mention here.
  • I tried to add ‘yahh neh’ into my sentences after watching Generations…as I live in Australia, that did not go down with anyone at all.
  • I tried to add “haibo” to the end of my sentences like my South African housemate, but I used it at the most in appropriate of times, so that again got ditched…

Mmm¬†I could go on but work beckons, so I shall have to end it here me thinks… have you encountered¬†a similar situation that’s just rubbed you the wrong way? What have you tried to be and it didn’t work?



Nosy pants…

11 Jul



I try to be¬†very professional¬†in all my¬†dealings at work, but one member is trying to push me to the brink of no return… you know that Dave Chappelle¬†Kind of “keeping it real gone wrong” kind… if you don’t know refer to (¬†)
There is such a thing as nosy, but I have never seen nosy as this. This woman is up in everyone’s business, if I didn’t know any better I would swear she was an actor, sent to test your patience and see how much you can take.
Everytime¬†I look behind me, there she is, over looking my screen, just lurking and always making comments. Today I was on some News Website and she had the gull to say ‘If I had a penny for everytime¬†you were on a news website….” Ummm¬†b****h (and I seldom ever say the b word) Mind your own business!! ¬†She’ll come up when I’m texting and ask who am I texting… if she was my manager then maybe yes, there would be some reason for it, but really she’s not… and she should really mind her own business.
I put hair extensions in my hair and no doubt there will be a comment saying how much disposable income I must have to change my hair up all the time… I wear different clothes everyday, and I’m seen as the Imelda Marcos of clothes… well I do have a lot of clothes, but what girl doesn’t and is it really up for comment every day? Accept and move on please !! And frankly I don’t think it’s the fact that¬†she thinks I have many clothes, just the fact that I don’t repeat my clothes everyday, which I think is fair enough.

Today she is getting on my last nerve and I dare not say anything to her today, save my keeping it real goes wrong….#GiveMeStrength

Ever have one of those workmates in your day to day dealings?


P.S I caught up…3 posts and counting… go me. lol!

Being Awesome…

11 Jul

You would only appreciate the pic above if you are a ‘How I Met Your Mother’ watcher of sorts…I am/was an occasional watcher, can never seem to catch it when it’s on, but in my self imposed¬†hibernation this weekend I subjected myself to Season 1-5¬† of the series and I quickly became a loyal¬†fan, as, you do when you subject yourself to a marathon of any series…always happens somewhere along the episodes it gets you and you get sucked in. Trust me I get sucked in to all sorts…Xena the Warrior Princess & Hanna Montana included. hehe.

I was feeling rather sorry for myself, well sorry isn’t the word, I was just in a blahhh¬†mood, not up for anything,¬†save my own company. I knew I was in a rotten mood, but¬†for some reason I couldn’t get myself out of it. I tried but it all felt very lack lustre…soI decided to watch How I Met Your Mother…and that was fun, it made me laugh and got me out of just thinking oh poor me… Barney had the classic one liner that I loved ” when I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead’…haha that made me laugh, coz I was just like ,that is just ridiculous… from the perspective I was looking from simply just changing my attitude just seemed ridiculous,someone¬†couldn’t just go from sad¬†to happy in a switch,¬†which made me laugh some more… bit by bit I loosened up and what do you know, I felt good, I could smile and laugh without thinking about it, I called my friends and we chatted on the phone for hours just laughing at random stories and decided, out of the blue, ¬†to go out for a dance…it was all very random, but so much fun, I ended up getting in at 5am! Very fun night indeed… so next time you’re sad, stop being sad and be awesome… it works..TRUE STORY ūüôā